Conservation Areas Wirral is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of all of Wirral’s 26 Conservation Areas. A general meeting in April 2014, concerned about the problems facing conservation in Wirral, authorised the establishment of a group to liaise with the Council to raise the profile of Wirral conservation and to provide a conduit between the Conservation Area committees and the planning department.

Our job is to ensure that the legacy of Wirral’s past is conserved for Wirral’s future – we strongly believe that the safeguarding of Wirral’s Conservation Areas is fundamental to this aim.

We consider that Wirral’s rich history and heritage, as defined by its Conservation Areas, enhances the enjoyment of visitors and adds a new and valuable dimension to the attractions of this stunning peninsula. To find out if you live in a Conservation area click on the following link:
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Each one of Wirral 26 Conservation Areas is automatically a member of the Conservation Areas Wirral (CAW) Forum. At the Annual General Meeting a committee is elected to pursue the organisation’s aims and this, in turn, elects its own officers. The committee meets monthly to hear reports about problems and concerns and then decides its priorities in dealing with them.

We understand the current constraints under which the Council’s planning department is operating and we shall do our best to assist with anything that applies to conservation. Our philosophy is co-operation, not confrontation. We meet regularly with the Council’s Head of Regeneration and with Historic England where concerns are aired, priorities discussed and plans implemented.

Forum members are kept in touch by a system of ‘Forum Friends’ whereby each member of the CAW committee is responsible for keeping in close contact with three or more of the Conservation Committees in Wirral. Regular newsletters are produced and urgent information is transmitted by email.

We work with all of Wirral’s Conservation Advisory Committees and with Wirral Council to promote, defend and safeguard these unique areas that contribute so much to the character and charm of the Wirral Peninsula.


The Conservation Areas Wirral committee comprises 10 members with a broad range of interests and areas of expertise. The 10 include the Secretary, Gillian Bolt, who is co-opted.

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    Alan Chape

    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly Deputy Chief Executive Liverpool City Council and currently visiting Fellow to Heseltine Institute, University of Liverpool)

    Lives in Oxton Village

    Interests: history & heritage of Wirral, Liverpool FC, photography, graphic design, urban regeneration, long distance walking, music (lead singer Orange Zebra band)

    Secretary: The Oxton Society

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    David Allan

    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly company director)

    Lives in Eastham Village

    Interests: local history, railway preservation, history & heritage of Wirral, opera, ballet, rugby, cricket and growing sweet peas

    Secretary: Eastham Village Preservation Association

    Chairman: Eastham Archive Group

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    Elizabeth Davey

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Author of local history books and Retired Lecturer.

    Lives in Meols

    Interests: The history and heritage of the Wirral Peninsula, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead.

    Chairman: Wirral History & Heritage Association, Wirral Society committee member.

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    Peter Bolt

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly Sales Engineer)

    Lives in Saughall Massie Village

    Interests: Local History, Victorian Railway Engineering, guitar playing, Inland Waterways Association Member

    Secretary: Saughall Massie Village Conservation Area Society

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    Kay Crook

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly School Teacher)

    Lives in Mountwood

    Interests: Labrador dogs, keeping Mountwood special, gardening and Abersoch.

    Chairman: Mountwood Conservation Area Advisory Committee

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    John Pyke

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (formerly company director)

    Lives in Heswall

    Interests: local environment, music, opera, rugby, cricket, skiing and scuba-diving

    Ex Chairman and current committee member: The Heswall Society

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    Audrey Platt

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly Secretary)

    Lives in Heswall

    Interests: Plays table tennis, bowls and bridge, keen gardener, modern house design. Founder member Petersfield Area Historical Society – studying / recording timber framed buildings

    Member of Wirral Society, (former membership secretary), member of U3A

  • alan-thomson-photo
    Alan Thomson

    Committee Member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly Systems Analyst)

    Lives in Rock Park

    Interests: Keeping Rock Park special, gardening, skiing

    Ex-Chairman: Rock Park Proprietors Committee

  • chris-moore-photo
    Chris Moore

    Committee member
    Conservation Areas Wirral

    Retired: (Formerly RAF Officer)

    Lives in Hoylake

    Interests: Fully involved in bringing the Open Golf Championship back to Hoylake after 39 years

    Chairman of the Hoylake Conservation Areas Association, Secretary of Royal Liverpool Golf Club (1993 – 2008)


  • Alan Chape
    Birkenhead Park (Friends of) • Oxton Society •
  • David Allan
    Bromborough Village Conservation Area • Bromborough Pool Residents Association / Society Eastham Village Preservation Association • Friends of Flaybrick
  • Elizabeth Davey
    Hamilton Square Conservation Area •
  • Chris Moore
    Meols Drive Conservation Area • Kings Gap Conservation Area •
  • Peter Bolt
    Bidston Village Conservation Area • Caldy Society • Clifton Park Conservation Area • Saughall Massie Conservation Area • Flaybrick Steering Group •
  • Audrey Platt
    Wirral Society nominee • Barnston Conservation Area •
  • Kay Crook
    Mountwood Society • Thornton Hough Conservation Area • West Kirby Village Conservation Area
  • John Pyke
    Frankby Conservation Area Consultative Committee • The Heswall Society (includes Gayton & Lower Heswall) • Thurstaston Conservation Area (Irby, Thurstaston & Pensby Amenity Society – ITPAS) CLI
  • Alan Thomson
    Rock Park Conservation Area • Wellington Road Conservation Area •


Every Conservation Area has its own distinctive character, derived from its landscape, historic development, use, buildings, materials and features. The individual buildings, street furniture, open spaces, trees and gardens will contribute to create the particular character of the area. Individual character appraisals and management plans can viewed on the Wirral Council’s website under the following link: